Title: Kuzey Guney

Genres: Action - Adventure TV


Stars: Updating

Total episodes: 4 Episodes

Subtitle: English Sub

Year: 2011

Country: Turkey Turkey

"Kuzey Güney" the upcoming drama of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Buğra Gülsoy and Öykü Karayel. This is the story of two brothers Kuzey and Güney. Kuzey is bold but rash, rebellious, has difficulty to control his anger, fearless, can't tolerate injustice, impatient and let's his fists do the talking for him. Güney is the opposite of Kuzey. He's calm, patient, doesn't act without thinking, overall a hardworking young man. The only thing the two men have in common is their deep love for Cemre.

Title : Kuzey Güney
English Title : Kuzey Guney
Country : Turkey
Episodes : 2
Broadcast Period : Sep 7 2011 to Jun 20 2012
Broadcast Network : Kanal D

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