Title: Summer Love Love

Genres: Comedy Movie


Stars: Updating

Total episodes: 3 Episodes

Subtitle: English

Year: 2012

Country: Hong Kong Hong Kong

Fang Fang, A fat dog and a small, three living plain ordinary life modern boys in the case of a casual understanding and hit it off. As the three common characteristics of longing for love, a single long bachelor family together with the decision to pursue true love. Three came to the sweltering with the heat of the Hainan Island, but unexpectedly encounter bad luck again and again. In the most unfortunate when they encounter a goddess hearts, respectively Xiaoyu (Zhang Xin for decoration), Carol (Yang Zi Yao ornaments) and Chi Chi (Liu Yu Qi ornaments), three determined to fight for love. Although the three-way encounter obstacles in courtship, but optimistic that they did not give up, continue to fight for their love.

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